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Professional tutors for high school and college

Struggling in a class? Want to do well on your SAT, AP or GRE test? Aiming for higher grades this year? Because students have different goals and different skills, Superb Tutors works directly with each student, offering support in ways group tutoring and in-class learning can't. We offer in-home, private, one-on-one tutoring for university and high school students, helping each student meet their different goals. Our philosophy is that with individualized attention and support, all students can succeed.

So what makes a Superb Tutor?
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Our Tutoring Areas

Finding the right tutor to match your specific needs can be a daunting process, which is why we do that for you. We assess all our tutors through a series of theory, teaching, and personality interviews to find tutors our students can learn from and rely on. Mastering the subject is one thing, but teaching effectively and connecting with students is equally important to successful tutoring. Our selection process makes sure that every tutor meets the strictest requirements — our client's.

Superb Tutors has expanded! We are now in Davis, the Monterey Bay Area, most recently, in Stanford!